About the SHCA

1 in 17 people will be affected by a rare or complex condition at some point in their lives. We believe the quality and availability of specialised services is fundamental to a properly functioning National Health Service and a key criterion by which the NHS should be judged.

In the years since its formation, the Alliance has played a significant part in changing the landscape for specialised services, precipitating the influential Carter Review of 2005/06 and pressing the case for further reform in 2009/10, as reflected in the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

The transfer of responsibility for specialised commissioning to NHS England under the Act provides opportunities to improve specialised services in a highly challenging financial climate. In particular, more robust funding arrangements for specialised services at a national level should bring about consistency of provision but must be combined with a leveling up of standards.

The SHCA has no political affiliation and seeks to work across party lines. Lord Sharkey is the Alliance’s chair, having a strong record of active involvement in the House of Lords on healthcare issues. He is supported by vice chair Baroness Wheeler.

The secretariat of the Alliance is provided by Incisive Health.

If you have information about provision of specialised services that you would like to bring to our attention or if you would like to know more about the SHCA, please contact us at: team@shca.info