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Archive of: October, 2006

  • Chair of the SHCA

    Baroness Pitkeathley has succeeded Baroness Hayman as Chair of the SHCA following Baroness Hayman’s election as the first Speaker of the House of Lords. Jill Pitkeathley has a distinguished record in public service with particularly strong links to the voluntary sector. In the field of health, these presently include positions as president of the Prostate Cancer Charity and Bowel Cancer UK and as vice president of the Parkinson’s Disease Society. Baroness Pitkeathley therefore has a very good understanding of the rationale which underlies the Alliance and the need to ensure successful implementation of the new Commissioning Framework as it affects specialised services.

    The SHCA also wishes to express its appreciation to Baroness Hayman for the important contribution she has made to its work since 2004.