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Archive of: December, 2006

  • NHS Operating Framework

    As the SHCA continues a series of meetings with the new Strategic Health Authorities to discuss implementation of the Carter Report and Commissioning Framework, it is pleasing to note that specialised services feature in the new NHS Operating Framework for 2007-08. In particular:

    3.26 PCTs are expected to implement the recommendations contained in the Review of Commissioning Arrangements for Specialised Services , published in May 2006, and set out in the Health reform in England : update and commissioning framework .

    3.27 SHAs are expected to ensure that effective collaborative commissioning arrangements for specialised services are in place in good time and that business continuity is maintained. Ten Specialised Commissioning Groups (SCGs) will be in place and the National Specialised Services Commissioning Group (NSSCG) will be established to take forward the priorities for 2007/08.

    3.28 Key milestones for 2007/08 are:

    • the establishment of the National Commissioning Group (NCG) on the transfer of the National Specialist Commissioning Advisory Group from DH to the NHS;
    • SCGs to collectively commission a minimum of 10 specialised services; by 2008/09 SCGs to collectively commission most specialised services for their populations.