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Archive of: February, 2012

  • NHS Commissioning Board Authority provides assurance on structure for specialised commissioning

    At a meeting of 2nd February, the NHS Commissioning Board Authority approved proposals to structure the future NHS Commissioning Board around a ‘matrix working’ design. As the slides below indicate, this will see aspects of specialised commissioning falling across many of the nine proposed Directorates.

    The Alliance sought reassurances that specialised commissioning would have clear leadership at Board level. Bill McCarthy, Managing Director responsible for transition to the Commissioning Board, provided the following assurance as he introduced the proposed Board structure at the Authority’s February meeting, saying:

    “We have had some good discussions with representatives of patient groups around specialised commissioning… We are confident that the proposals satisfy the very prominent focus that the Commissioning Board will have on specialised commissioning… As we recruit to the Director posts there will be a Director who will take a lead responsibility around specialised services commissioning so there will be a good point of contact for the various groups who have got those interests.”