NICE inquiry

The SHCA submitted evidence to the latest Health Select Committee inquiry into NICE. In particular:

  1. The Specialised Healthcare Alliance considers NICE to have a critical role in ensuring that treatment delivered by the NHS is equitable, cost effective and to a uniformly high standard.
  2. The existence in NICE of an independent national forum where decisions about cost effectiveness and prioritisation can be made in a consistent and fair manner is particularly important for patients with specialised medical conditions.
  3. The Alliance believes the Institute’s evaluation system should be more transparent. Reform of the process may allow for a fairer consideration of some treatments. In the case of orphan or ultra-orphan treatments social value judgments are likely to be necessary which should rest with parliament.
  4. The Specialised Healthcare Alliance welcomes the recent moves by NICE to ensure lifesaving drugs can be assessed more quickly and supports this process being extended to other technologies.
  5. Unless greater consideration is given to how and when tariffs reflect NICE guidance, patients could face greater delays in accessing recommended treatments.
  6. The Alliance believes that much greater priority should be attached to ensuring the implementation of NICE guidance. If NICE were to assume responsibility for this it would need additional resources.