High cost treatments

The Alliance has developed a policy statement on high cost treatments, pointing out that the NHS’s ability to help those in greatest need must not be weakened by the shift towards greater local accountability for the generality of services. With that in mind, the Alliance is seeking support for:

  1. The standard and availability of specialised services being fundamental to a properly functioning National Health Service;
  2. The new commissioning arrangements for specialised services being implemented at the earliest opportunity with sufficient pooled budgets attached;
  3. For services and treatments not covered by Payment by Results, pooled budgets are imperative;
  4. The Department should encourage more consistency of provision of specialised treatments across the country by developing the National Definition Set and including standards of care where appropriate;
  5. Where treatment is not approved, the decision-making process should be more transparent and there should be a clear appeals process for patients with support provided;
  6. The Government’s strategy for medical research needs to recognise the role of specialised services in providing a pathway for innovation.