SHCA publishes RAG-rating of NHS England’s operating model for specialised services

One year from the formal establishment of NHS England, the Specialised Healthcare Alliance has reviewed the extent to which the original intentions for specialised commissioning have been met.

The Alliance’s analysis shows that NHS England still has a considerable way to go to make its plans for an efficient specialised commissioning function into a reality. Most of the provisions of the single operating model for specialised services have been RAG-rated as amber or red by the Alliance, with only three rated as green.

The new arrangements for specialised commissioning continue to present an excellent opportunity to drive up standards of care for patients across the whole of England. However, one year on, there remains much work to do and an urgent need for clearer leadership in specialised commissioning.

The Alliance’s analysis is available here: SHCA One Year Review of Specialised Services Operating Model – March 2014

NHS England’s operating model for specialised commissioning is available here: