SHCA responds to consultation on changes to NHS England's Mandate

The Specialised Healthcare Alliance has submitted a response to the Department of Health’s recent consultation on its Mandate to NHS England.

In particular, the Alliance’s submission calls for an objective explicitly focused on the need for NHS England to account for its performance in commissioning of £14.7billon of specialised services.

The Alliance welcomes the consultation document’s provisions on improving outcomes and reducing health inequalities but is keen to ensure that these apply equally across all patient populations, from the smallest to the largest.

Furthermore, the Alliance argues that the Mandate’s particular focus on financial considerations must not create an environment in which the pursuit of clinical excellence and safety is secondary to the need to make savings.

The response also focuses on the potential impact of regional devolution arrangements, looking in particular at the likely changes to structures of accountability across the health service.

The SHCA’s response to the consultation can be found below.

SHCA response to NHS England Mandate consultation – November 2015