SHCA joins Health Awareness UK in raising awareness for rare diseases

Published March 25, 2021

The SHCA has recently partnered with Health Awareness UK on their 2021 Rare Diseases campaign, to celebrate Rare Disease Day and raise awareness of the needs of rare and complex disease patients. The campaign features exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices about access to healthcare for rare disease patients.

As part of the campaign, Lord Sharkey, the Alliance’s Chair, authored an article for the Guardian online on behalf of the SHCA highlighting the need for the UK’s health service to deliver improvements to the lives of people living with rare and complex health conditions.

In the article, Lord Sharkey also emphasises that the patient voice must be at the centre of upcoming changes to the healthcare system and that the SHCA will provide scrutiny, so that people with rare diseases can truly receive the care they need and deserve.

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