The SHCA and Genetic Alliance UK publish new report on patient involvement in NICE’s decision-making

Published September 15, 2023

The Specialised Healthcare Alliance (SHCA) and Genetic Alliance UK have published a new report on strengthening patient involvement in NICE’s decision-making, looking at the impact of changes introduced as part of NICE’s recent methods and processes review.

Following engagement with SHCA members who have participated in a recent NICE technology appraisal, the report focuses on the following themes:

  • SHCA members’ experiences working with the NICE PIP team
  • Increasing support for patients in providing written submissions
  • Ensuring NICE committee meetings are made more accessible to rare disease patient groups

You can read the full report here.

The SHCA and Genetic Alliance UK have welcomed NICE’s approach to engagement as part of its methods and processes review and looks forward to continuing to work with NICE in considering how the recommendations made in this report can be implemented.